Kitchen Witch

Man With Potion Bottle


Kitchen Witch is another title that started out as a draft for National Novel Writing Month originally called The Gay Man’s Guide to Love, Cats, and Other Mysteries of Life.  This also started out as another one of my forays into science fiction/fantasy.  It began as a scrap of an idea for a cozy mystery with paranormal elements but I couldn’t quite put my finger on how to accomplish it.  In the process, I mashed together three different ideas into one coherent (I hope?) manuscript.

Each of the ideas was something I couldn’t quite properly flesh out or get a good feel on how to make the story work.  I’d gone back to The Gay Man’s Guide… a few times because I knew there was something there but I couldn’t figure out what.  It was done but not finished.  The paranormal mystery was originally called Kitchen Witch, and I liked the title enough to file it away.  I also had another urban fantasy, this one about magic users in a future where magic was returning to the earth, that I couldn’t quite work because of the lack of conflict.

Imagine my surprise when I was able to make elements from all three work together in one piece.

This was an exercise in world building I hadn’t done before and I’m incredibly proud of this, taking away a lot from the writing process.