About me

I wrote my first story when I was about seven years old, around a year before this picture was taken.  My teacher, Sister Rosemary, had us write stories for a class assignment and she was the first to notice I had the knack.  She was also the first to notice how badly I clutch under pressure of a deadline.

Like many people my age, I was inspired to attempt science fiction or epic fantasy after having seen the original Star Wars when it was first released.  I had a lot of great ideas but nothing really seemed to ever get finished.  As much as I later disparaged romances, I came to realize one of the first novels I tried writing when I was about 14 or so was — surprise, surprise — a m/m romance.   435 pages of college-ruled paper, handwritten blather that really didn’t say much of anything.  Since then, I’ve written many short stories and some poetry for various fanzines and APAs, my first semi-pro credit appearing in an erotica journal.